Pricing for buttercream wedding cakes is $5.50 per serving -- 'flat rate.' This covers most wedding cake designs and even covers some sugar flowers on the cake!

There are a few exceptions, including 'excessive' sugar flowers, fondant embellishments, and a-typical wedding cake designs (such as a '3-d basketball' rather than a layer cake.) Flat-rate fees are added to the pricing for these exceptions. We will provide you a full detail of pricing during the consultation.

We do not offer fondant-covered cakes.

All wedding cakes require a non-refundable $100 retainer deposit on the general cake order to ‘hold the date.’ The remaining balance is due 15 business days prior to the wedding date. A copy of your signed wedding cake agreement is due with this deposit.

No deposit is required for 'all-inclusive' wedding package through your venue; however, a signed copy of your wedding cake agrement is required to confirm your date.

Once you have booked your venue AND your wedding is one year or closer to your wedding date, it's time to meet to dicuss your cake! Cake consultations are ideal 6-9 months prior to your wedding. As noted above, a $100 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your date.

This consultation may be as long or as short as you desire - your appointment time window is two hours. At the consultation, we would be happy to review design ideas, provide samples for tasting, and discuss any personal recipe needs you have, such as allergies or special dietary needs. Your consultation is not limited to one visit, but we do find most people use e-mail, phone and Skype for additional follow-up conversations.

We suggest no more than 2-4 people attend the consultation -- usually the couple and a wedding planner and/or parent(s). Don't worry - plenty of cake will be sent home with you to share with family and friends!

We are more than happy to service your wedding regardless of the cake size! For wedding cakes that serve fewer than 99, our minimum cake order is $600 - this includes 100 servings of cake, plus the standard $50 delivery fee. Our smallest wedding cake is 100 servings. Please note: if your wedding is with the NCMA, there is no sizing minimum.

You may change almost anything on the cake design, up to three weeks before the wedding. If you elect to have sugar flowers, note that design changes may only be made one month prior to the event date.

Please, no changes in size or design after the three-week deadline. Should the need arise for changes to occur after the three-week deadline, each change is subject to a $25 per incident 'late fee.' This fee is not applicable/applied if extra servings of 'kitchen cake' are added.

Wedding cake flavors are also due on or before the three-week deadline. If you do not provide flavors, or are missing flavors for tiers, we will make French vanilla white with buttercream filling.

Delivery and setup of your cake is a flat rate $50 within the Raleigh / Cary / Apex area, as well as a limited number of Chapel Hill / Durham venues. If your reception location is outside of this area, your delivery fee will be provided to you prior to your design consultation.

An additional $100 - $500 fee may be assessed for "room flips" and / or difficult delivery locations based on timing, location and/or date. "Room flips" are when the cake must be set up after the ceremony takes place - and the cake needs to arrive after the ceremony. Please ask for details.

As long as we have electricity, we will work to complete your order as planned. If we are unable to complete your wedding cake due to weather or other emergencies that are not within our control, we will call you as soon as possible to let you know. Additionally, if weather or other emergencies preclude us from delivering your cake, we will call you to discuss options.

In any weather or environmental emergency situations not within our control, all monies paid, excluding your $100 deposit, shall be refunded if your cake is not delivered but has already been made. If we have not yet made your cake and the event is cancelled due to weather or environmental emergencies, all monies paid, including your $100 deposit, will be refunded (or transferred to the new date at no penalty.)

If you reschedule delivery to a new date - such as the following day - or location - such as a venue that is outside of the emergency area - no monies will be refunded.

Cake plateaus, stands, and cupcake trees are available for rent. You have two options:

- A $10 rental fee -- and you are responsible to return the rental to us to our location in Holly Springs within 5 calendar days after the wedding; or,

- A $50 rental fee -- and we will pick up the rental at the venue (or caterer, if the venue does not allow for items to be left behind.)

An equipment deposit is required to cover the cost of any items not returned/damaged during the event. Please return, at your earliest convenience, but no later than 5 calendar days after the wedding, all of the pieces used in the assembling of your cake (cake plateaus/stands, cupcake trees, rhinestone banding, metal, plastic, fabric, Styrofoam, wood, etc). Any materials not returned by you or returned damaged will be deducted from the initial retainer and/or equipment deposit. No appointment is needed to return rentals. There is a designated area indicated when you arrive to drop off the rental if we are not open/available at your return time.

If you elect to return items yourself and fail to do so by the specified date after the wedding, Cinda's Creative Cakes reserves to the right to cash equipment deposits to cover mileage for items left behind at reception venues.

Cinda’s Creative Cakes cannot be held liable for consumption and/or personal damage to individuals of any decorations noted in your wedding cake agreement that are ‘non-edible.’ This includes - but is not limited to: non-edible decorations you request to place on the cake (ie: brooches, rhinestones), cake toppers, flowers, sugar flowers, and any item placed on the cake after we complete delivery. Dragees and sugar pearls are edible but are quite hard -- we suggest those be removed prior to serving to avoid any damage to dental work. Edible dragees and sugar pearls are included in the items that we cannot be held liable for should any injuries result. Please be sure to advise the individual responsible for cutting the cake to remove any non-edible materials, as well as dragees.

If you are using fresh flowers on your cake, the florist is responsible for providing the flowers and making sure that the flowers and foliage are safe to place on the cake. It is important to note that some flowers and foliage are not safe to use on a cake, so use caution when discussing options with your florist.

Because your cake has been carefully constructed to your specifications, Cinda's Creative Cakes prefers to place the fresh flowes on the cake. You are responsible to make arrangements, in advance, with your florist and have them contact us for coordination.

All wedding cakes require a $100 retainer deposit on the general cake order to ‘hold the date.’ This retainer is non-refundable and non-transferable. If your wedding is postponed to a future date, a one-time application of 50% of the deposit may be made, up to one year from the original wedding date. Any future weddings that this 50% is applied to will be lost if the wedding is cancelled or further postponed.

Because your beautiful wedding cake does not freeze well for all home refrigerators, we will be happy to provide you a fresh 6" round golden butter, french vanilla white, or chocolate dream anniversary cake on your one-year anniversary! Other flavors and additional cakes are available for an additional charge. This simple, celebratory cake is decorated with a "Happy Anniversary" greeting. Exact replicas of your top tier can be done by request -- based on our availability and at an additional fee.

Please contact us at least two weeks prior to your anniversary.

We do not ship anniversary cakes; however, you are welcome to schedule your anniversary cake at your convenience, even if it’s not around your actual anniversary (preferably within 3 months either way of the actual date. Exceptions are made, of course, for our out-of-town and military families!)

Click here to request your one-year anniversary cake!