Congratulations! Your one-year anniversary is here...and it's time to remember all the fun and excitement of your wedding day...along with your complimentary anniversary cake! This simple, celebratory cake is decorated with a "Happy Anniversary" greeting - and is plenty of cake to enjoy for several days or share with family and friends.

Please take a moment to review the "Anniversary Cake Rules." Thank you!

  1. A non-negotiable two-weeks is required from the time of your request, to work your anniversary cake into our baking schedule! Some exceptions can be made as our schedule allows. Please be sure to indicate an alternative date & time if you are less than two weeks away from your anniversary pick-up date.

  2. Anniversary cake requests are considered "first-come, first served". Please make sure you reserve yours in a timely manner!

  3. You may request your anniversary cake up to 45 days before your actual anniversary.

    If you are unable to get your anniversary cake around your actual anniversary and wish to schedule it for a future date, please complete this form, requesting a future/alternate date. Active military are welcome to schedule the complimentary 1-year anniversary cake as late as 2 years after the actual 1-year anniversary.

    Please note that we do not ship or deliver anniversary cakes.

  4. Cinda will email you with a confirmation of your request and a pick-up date. If you do not receive a confirmation, please call us at 919-303-1151, as many office servers will block this outgoing web-mail form.

  5. You may choose from our three top flavors and any of our fillings below for your complimentary 1-Year Anniversary Cake.
    Upgraded flavors, as well as subsequent year anniversary & extra samples are available as noted below.

Bride's Maiden Name (Last, First):

Bride and Groom's Married Name (Last):

My wedding date AND reception location was:

Please enter your email address:

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Pick-Up Date - please note:

---- Fridays at 10 am only

---- Sundays 10 am to 4 pm
---- Mon, Wed, & Thurs 9 am to 6 pm
---- NO Tuesdays or Saturdays

Pick-Up Time:

Complimentary 1st Year Anniversary Cake

Anniversary Upgrade (Add'l flavors, Gluten Free, Vegan)

Subsequent Anniversary Cake (2nd Year, onward...)

Any special concerns? Allergies, etc:

We often get requests for extra samples. If you'd like to purchase additional (non-decorated) samples for $20 each, please indicate those below:
Flavors: Fillings:

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Photo courtesy of Neil Boyd Photography